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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Media Tec, the publisher of Chief Learning Officer and Certification, is bringing out a new magazine in April. This seems apodictic, but the pitch is that "The success of the enterprise depends upon many factors. Chief among them is the ability of the workforce to achieve corporate goals."
Workforce performance management begins with the recruiting and hiring process and weaves through the fabric of business, including elements such as talent management, corporate communications, coaching, mentoring, leadership development and succession planning. The end result is a more vital organization with a more engaged and more productive workforce.
Right on! The enterprise meets systems thinking. Five years ago I was calling this the People Value Chain. It's a wonderful point of leverage for the corporation: holistic management.
CLO Business Intelligence research indicates 89% of enterprise organizations link learning & performance. Of these:
    17% target senior leadership.

    29% target key employees like sales and customer service.

    65% target the entire enterprise.

    4% target the extended enterprise, including partners & suppliers.
One has to wonder what title appears on the door of the head of a big company's workplace performance. Workforce Performance Solutions is "directed to top-level management, senior human resources, workforce and organizational development executives whose task is to optimize the abilites of their human assets to drive and improve the execution of enterprise strategy."

Is Media Tec travelling the road of the recent grad who said he wouldn't have majored in philosophy had he realized that none of the big philosophy companies would be hiring? Are they launching a magazine with no potential audience? No, I don't think so. Media Tec is repeating the formula that worked for them before.

When Media Tec was preparing to launch CLO, I told Norm Kamikow it was a dumb name. Despite the buzz, you could count the number of CLOs in American companies on your fingers and toes. Nonetheless, CLO went from six to twelve issues a year in the same timeframe as Online Learning and eLearning magazines were going down the tubes. CLO was named "Best New Magazine" by the American Society of Business Publication Editors. It's a good thing they don't take my advice.

Workplace Performance Solutions should be great for telling the workflow learning story. Free subscriptions here.

Best of luck, Norm and John.


Blogger Harold Jarche said...

Sounds like HPT to me:

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not like the whole of HPT, just one tiny piece of it. It's more like regular plain old Performance Management, with the word Workforce put in front. I see no difference between this and Performance Management. These focus on the performer, not the performance -- the work that needs to get done. There are so many performance shaping factors in the workplace that have nothing to do with talent, communications, coaching, mentoring, leadership, or succession.

What is needed _is_ something like HPT, which would be more like WorkPlace performance management.

--Sabine Kirstein

10:38 AM  

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