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Damn, damn, double damn
Wednesday, June 30, 2004
High on my list of things that really tick me off are:

  1. People who waste my time

  2. Malicious vandals

Since Monday, both of these have hit Internet Time Blog with a vengeance. Some deviant has posted pointers to porn sites in my Comments section. Four hundred times. It has peppered Internet Time Blog, Learning Circuits Blog, and Jaycross Blog.

There's no simple way to put things back to normal. I'm not about to go through the multi-step process of removing each instance of this garbage manually; life's too short. I will clean at the crap at the SQL level.

Then there's the issue of stopping this from happening in the future. I may switch over to MT 3.0 and force people to register in order to comment, but I fear that this will reduce the already pitiful level of response here. I may set up sufficient disguises and spoofs to mislead a Spam-posting bot.

Has anyone found a really effective way to stop this nuisance?

Google should take away the incentive for this by overlooking links that appear in Comments fields. I think I'll jot them a note.

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