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Are you setting the bar high enough?
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
"Make no little plans. They fail to stir the blood of men," said architect Daniel Burnham. Indeed, life's too short for mediocrity. When I hear someone say they wish their online learning were as effective as their instructor-led workshops, I wonder why they're shooting so low. They should be aiming to make their technology-enabled learning much better than the passive classroom experience. Let's face it, the classroom is often a mediocre learning environment.

Workflow Institute's Sam Adkins gave a presentation this morning on Advanced Learning Technology Today. He showed this graph to demonstrate what's possible.

Twenty years ago, Benjamin Bloom found that individually-tutored students performed as well as the top 2% of classroom students. Equalling this record in automated fashion has become eLearning's Holy Grail. The Department of Defense has achieved it, but cost is rarely a constraint there. The Advanced Computer Tutoring Project at Carnegie Mellon University claims even higher performance gains among Pittsburgh high-school students studying math. Did the students like it? One swore at a teacher so she'd get kicked out of school for a couple of days -- during which she learned geometry with her unrestricted time online.


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