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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
You can read yesterday's Internet Time Outbound newsletter online.

Do you Furl? It's free. And Beta. And great. When I see a webpage I may want to reference, I push a button on my browser's toolbar to furl it. Unlike a bookmark, Furl lets me store a category, my rating, notes, and a excerpt. Here, take a look at my Furl Archive.

The experience will Blogger has been largely positive. Some issues remain. By far the largest is its broken RSS. Their support troops are working on it, but Internet Time Blog has dropped off the RSS radar. I am going to kludge a temporary solution -- reposting to the MT blog just to generate the RSS. Also, I miss trackback but it's not that big a deal.


Blogger mindful learner said...

Does Furl allow you to take VISUAL snapshots of the webpages? I still think this is a huge gap with browser History or Favourites views. I remember so much about a site by a quick visual glance:


Actually, you could now do this using Blogger and the BlogThis button and the new Hello! tool which allows you to photo-blog with thumbnail size images of what is on screen. The only problem is you wouldn't get the ability to categorise things with standard blogger.

1:55 AM  

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