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Kingsbridge Conference Center
Saturday, July 10, 2004
I'm in the midst of a wonderful weekend at Kingbridge Conference Center, about 45 minutes north of the Toronto airport. Sixty out-of-the-box friends and acquaintances are participating in a weekend retreat, discussing transparency, good & evil, social networking, and whatever else we're into.


John Abele, who made his bucks with Boston Scientific, owns the Center, which began life as a spa, morphed into the Learning Center for CIBC, and came on the market in tough times. Abele's mission is to use the Center to extend the role of collaboration. The place is beautiful, the food is tasty, and I'd love to host an event here some day.

Shortly before seven this morning, I set out for a walk. Alas, walking through the woods, I was attacked by an aggressive swarm of mosquitos. The front desk gave me some StingEze, but half an hour later I was hit with severe itching on the palms of my hands, my toes, my thighs, and other places I knew the skeeters hadn't gone. I tapped into the 'net and discovered I was having an alergic reaction. I drove my rental car ten minutes south to pick up Benadryl. That could care of the itching but made me so sleepy I probably missed half of today's session.


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