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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
The Berkeley Manual of Style

Wired News has announced, "Effective with this sentence, Wired News will no longer capitalize the "I" in internet. At the same time, Web becomes web and Net becomes net." Same here. For a while, this will be like trying to write the correct year on checks in January.

The Wired News article links to a piece they wrote four years ago explaining why they intended to use e-mail instead of email. On Google five minutes ago, e-mail has 22 million entries to email's 280 ,000 million. Email it is.

Once again, I've been asked if it's e-learning, e-Learning, eLearning, or elearning. The answer: it doesn't make any difference. I switched to eLearning long ago and am not about to go back now. Besides, I prefer performance improvement to any of the variations on learning.

The truism "Top-down KM didn't work" has given rise to something called Bottom-Up KM. No, no, no. That makes it sound as if the underlings are dictating to the topsiders. In reality, the former top is no longer part of the picture in our flattened, decentralized organizations; there's no there there. To borrow from complexity science, the opposite of top-down is bottom-out. It's a collaborative thing. Peer to peer. Communal.

By the way, you are reading a blog. Short for weblog. The little orange button labeled XML links to my webfeed.

While I'm at it, Workflow Learning no longer needs a TM. Since I have embedded the term high and low, it will take a while, but I'm going to try writing is workflow learning. No caps.


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