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A Parallel Universe
Friday, August 20, 2004
From the publicity Bersin & Associates and Brandon Hall generate, I assume lots of people read comparisons of Learning Management Systems. One item they probably don't factor in is vendor viability. How likely is the vendor to go down the tubes or be merged out of existence? Think about it: Which is worse, to discover some glitches in the code or to find out your vendor is no longer answering the phone.

That's why Emergent Learning Forum has been publishing financial analysis from ThinkEquity since the beginning of last year. We've got 90 of these financial snapshots of the learning industry online. Take a look at the latest issue to see what you've been missing.

Here's a summary of ThinkEquity's Ten Commandments of Research. Great stuff!

This is not a better view of the world; it's a different view of the world.


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