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Pully, not pushy
Friday, August 20, 2004
Better than any book. Check this animated description of the Olympics. A great example of motion graphics. Noted in elearnpost.

Which reminds me. After years learning from the links Maish points out, I'm cancelling my email subscription to elearnpost. Not that I'm giving it up. This week I'm dumping email subscriptions because I will be tracking their webfeeds with Bloglines. Subscribe with Bloglines

I'm recrafting my life on-line with more pull and less push. I plan to gather news on my schedule, not the provider's. Also, I can home in on topics that grab my interest without sorting through the chaff. Tools like Blogdigger and Furl make it easy to monitor what's going on with, say, Workflow Learning.

Love/hate. I just got off the phone with a charming, personable IBMer, someone whose company I really enjoy. Then I opened my next email, from another area of IBM. I ordered a ThinkPad on August 5. It's a plain vanilla X40 ultralight. The email informed me that my ThinkPad went into configuration on August 18. The configuration process requires approximately 15 business days to complete, about September 8. Then UPS Standard Ground takes 3 to 5 business days. Dell would have put a custom machine on my doorstep the day after my order. IBM is taking six weeks to deliver a standard laptop. What arcane process can IBM be using to slow their production time down like this? What sort of manual backwater held up my order from August 5 to August 18? The eBusiness cobbler's children have no shoes. Lucky for them I love their product.

Update. 8/21, the next day. Another email arrives from IBM. My PC has shipped! The problem appears to be poor customer communication rather than fulfillment.

Reverse Engineering. The Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte is a superb conceptualizer and salesman. His book Being Digital taught me early on to look at bits, not atoms. Today I read about a company that's reverse-engineering the concept, making a buck translating bits back into atoms.

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