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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Listen up! Firefox is a better browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's faster, sleeker, configurable, and is moving ahead. It's drop-dead simple to install. A new version came out yesterday. It's invulnerable to most of the security threats Microsoft issues with increasing frequency. I can hardly abide the web without the convenience of Firefox's tabbed (multi-window) browsing.

Why switch to Firefox?

Because I frequently help start-ups and new companies test their products and find their place in the market, I try out lots of immature software. A word to developers: get compatible with Firefox/Mozilla/Gecko. When I talk with influentials, reviewers, mavens, and thought leaders, few of them use IE any more. So while your logs may show that 90% of your web visitors use IE, at least half of the people you really want to reach are probably among the 10% coming in with some other browser.

I've never coded for a living nor am I anti-capitalist, so I'm not against Microsoft just because they're big or aggressive or occasionally manipulative. However, Microsoft's actions in the browser market make my blood boil. Convicted of cutting off Netscape's air supply, Microsoft has since played the stereotypical monopolist role. Milk the cash cow. Make minimal improvements. By not being vigilant, MS has opened the doors for hacker-vandals to eviscerate its customers. "It's not my department," said Werner von Gates.

What are they smoking in Redmond? They figure a person will forget losing her hard drive as a result of MS sloth or disregard? Wake up and smell the coffee, Microsoft. Given the lifetime value of a customer relationship, it's time to set the IE train back on the tracks. Somebody make it better.

In the meanwhile, download Firefox. You be bettah off.

Of course, there are always downsides. Firefox renders HTML in compliance with W3C guidelines, so some funky code aberrations in MS will look funny in Firefox. A much larger problem is that some sites are coded to work only with MS Internet Explorer. Usually, these are newbies. I blow most of them off as clueless, but keep a copy of IE on the hard drive in case there's something I simply must see. In other words, I treat it like RealPlayer, which I avoid like the plague simply because experience has taught me that Real Networks experiences hang around like an STD.

Download Firefox now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am on a dialup connection and browse with images off. If i feel the need to see an image I right click on the image and do "show picture".

Firefox does not allow one to see selected images like this. If you do a right click and choose the "show image" firefox opens the image and removes the content of the page. This is very inconvenient.

MyIE2 offers almost all features of firefox (apart from the security angle) like Tabbed Browsing, Download Manager. It even lets you choose the Gecko engine to render pages.

So why should I switch??


4:17 AM  
Blogger Harold Jarche said...

Why switch? How about the fact that even US Homeland Security has recommended not to use IE?



6:41 AM  
Blogger Meir Navon said...

Just to make sure everybody knows that "achanak" - the guy that downplayed Firefox, is Big Brother in Hebrew. Just a coincidence that someone with such a name would elate MS ? I don't think so...But good try MS guy...!

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Instead of being paranoid about my name why don't you try out the browser from www.myie2.com/html_en/home.htm It is a great browser and it can use the Gecko engine as well.

As for security it incorporates options to block ActiveX controls.

For the record, I do not hebrew and my name is my language means - Sudden. Nor am I connected in anyway to MS.


8:55 PM  

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