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Friday, October 08, 2004
Emerald's On the Horizon has published part 1 of my History of eLearning.

On The Horizon - The Strategic Planning Resource for Education Professionals
Volume 12 Number 3 2004

An informal history of eLearning

Abstract: eLearning: snake oil or salvation? Changes in the world are forcing corporations to rethink how people adapt to their environment. How do people learn? Why? What's eLearning? Does it work? This paper addresses these questions and recounts the history and pitfalls of computer-based training and first-generation eLearning. It traces the roots of CBT Systems, SmartForce, Internet Time Group, and the University of Phoenix. It takes a person to five years of TechLearn, the premier eLearning conference, from dot-com euphoria to today's real-time realities. The subject-matter here is corporate learning, in particular mastering technical and social skills, and product knowledge. The focus is on learning what is required to meet the promise made to the customer. While there are parallels to collegiate education, the author lacks the experience to draw them.

Learning Methods; Computer Based Learning; Workplace Training; Internet

I'll tell you more when I know more: I don't have the password to read it.


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