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The Emergent Learning Business Case
Sunday, October 24, 2004
Learning Econmics Group/Emergent Learning Forum

The Business Case for Learning - Tips, Hints, What Works, What Does Not Work

Joint meeting at SRI, Menlo Park.
November 17, 2004. 8:30 - noon, Pacific time.
Remote participation will be available.

We have invited learning professionals from Apple, Shell, Bechtel and elsewhere to share recent presentations to management making their case for elearning/learning initiatives, projects or programs. In addition, they will discuss what worked about their approach and what did not - which offers insights into issues for framing future research, and forums on learning valuation and learning economics. Prior to these presentations, Eilif Trondsen and Tom Hill will frame the discussion and observations on trends on learning alignment to business objectives from the point of view of the SRI Learning on Demand Program and Learning Economics Group.


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