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San Francisco Walking Tour
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Months ago I offered to lead a walking tour of San Francisco for visitors attending Training Fall and the Workflow Learning Symposium. Time flies. A hundred people have signed up. I need to be ready in four days. I have laryngitis.

Are you a native here? A good storyteller? Join us. I champion informal, face-to-face learning at every opportunity. You tell two or three visitors how the one-time owner of the Condor ended up dead on the piano or what Beach Blanket Babylon is like or which is your favorite spot for dim-sum or espresso. They'll feel welcome and your stories will be inscribed in their memories.
I'd love to have dozens of locals sprinkled throughout the crowd.

Join us at Moscone West or en route. I'm counting on you. I must save my voice. (Although I am bringing a portable amplifier specifically designed for things like this.)

The walk begins at Moscone West at 4:30 pm this Sunday and will last two hours. Those were the only givens. Here's the itinerary I sketched out today:

My thought was to jam as much San Franciana into two hours as possible without trudging up hills. Highlights include:
  • Yerba Buena Gardens
  • Garden Court at the Palace Hotel
  • View down "the Wall Street of the West"
  • Halladie Building
  • Chinatown Gate
  • Views to the Ferry Building
  • Chinatown Alleys, shops, temples and stories
  • Invention of the cablecar
  • Former boundary of the Bay at Montgomery and Clay
  • Pyramid
  • Redwood Park
  • Hotaling Alley
  • Old Mel Belli office
  • Jackson Square/Barbary Coast
  • Gold Street
  • Zoetrope building
  • Beatniks: City Lights, Caffe Trieste
  • Carol Doda shrine
  • Columbus Avenue caffes and bakeries
  • Washington Square
  • cable car back to town
I encourage people to drop out for interesting restaurants or galleries or simply warming a park bench. San Francisco celebrates diversity and doing your own thing. If you don't catch up, there's no harm done.

For bonus points: Which of the following words was not made up in San Francisco?
  1. thug
  2. Mickey Finn
  3. shanghai
  4. hoodlum
I'll leave the answer in a comment after several of you give it a shot.

If you tried to sign up for the walk before the conference authorities posted the "Sold Out" markers, come along anyway. Nobody's checking the roster.


Blogger jay said...

What does it take to suck a comment out of someone on this blog? I think all the activists have headed to syndication.

All four words originated in San Francisco. In the same neighborhood.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Hofmann said...

Hi Jay - I'll see you in San Francisco. I would love to make the walking tour - but I'll be busy focusing on producing the live & online version of the conference.

Sorry you've lost your voice - I'll try to read the sign language. You've got a busy week -

Funny - the more popular the online collaboration technologies get, the more I need to fly around the country. Seems like the same is happening to you!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The walking tour was painfully great. Although my feet are mad at me, my mind is quite appreciative of the insider's guide to San Francisco. If I attend the spring conference in N’awlins, I’ll have to return the favor and show everyone around my home away from home.

Matthew Nehrling
Longview TX

9:43 PM  

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