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Training Fall 2004, San Francisco
Saturday, October 23, 2004

Training Fall

San Francisco

October 11-13, 2004

The former Online Learing Conference has morphed into Training Fall in conjunction with Online Learning. To the right, an unregistered participant at Moscone West.

Since the Workflow Learinng Symposium was a conference within Training Fall, I couldn't attend many of the regular sessions. The three non-workflow events I did get to go to were great!

Marty Seligman, founder of the positive psychology movement, is one of my heroes. Why settle for simply not being off-scale crazy when you can shoot for being better than normal?

To be happy, live your motivated values. Don't know what they are? Go here to find out. Search for "seligman" on Internet Time for more.

I was reading David Weinberger on the web long before he wrote The Cluetrain Manifesto and Small Pieces, Loosely Joined. Now an NPR commentator and columnist for Darwin, David's JOHO Blog is the best analysis of knowledge management you'll find and one of the funniest things on the web.

The third session that grabbed me was Booz-Allen's Mark Oehlert on M-learning. Frankly, I'd considered the M-learning scene pretty ho-hum. Mark made me realize that I had it wrong. M-learing is not substituting mobile devices for PCs; it's providing anywhere access to the net. What matters is Location! Location! Location! Check out www.ercim.org

Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer hosted an author party at the Chieftan, a pub a block down the street from Moscone Center West.

Starting with the white blob in the lower left corner, here are Bill and Kit Horton, Allison Rossett, Jennifer Hoffman, some autograph hunter, Nanette Miner, Saul Carliner, and Marc Rosenberg. One terrorist bomb could have wiped out most of the thought leadership in eLearning today. (Not pictured: Clark Aldrich, Clark Quinn, Eileen Clegg, Kevin Wheeler, others.)

Here, Insync's Jennifer Hoffman and Nanette Miner are carousing with Instancy's Harvey Singh and Pfeiffer's Lisa Shannon.

The Workflow Learning Symposium featured six breakouts, a keynote, and numerous related sessions. Pictures, summaries, and video will soon appear at the Workflow Institute site.


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