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Workflow Learning Symposium
Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Workflow Learning Symposium starts this Monday at Moscone Center West in San Francisco. Come on down. We've assembled some world-class presenters. Gloria Gery and I are giving the keynote.

Two spaces remain available at the Workflow Learning Pavilion in the Expo Hall. If you're a vendor in this space, this is a whale of a deal for $1800.

For the three days of the the Workflow Symposium, I need someone to write up the sessions. Blogging the event would be icing on the cake. If you are a facile, clear writer, send me a sample of your work. If you're selected, your ticket to Training Fall will be free (a $1195 value.)

Ten days on the road, mainly family stuff, seriously curtailed my blogging. Now I'm sorting through stacks of notes and scribbles, assessing whether they're worth converting to prose to be posted on my blogs.

Just to add to the helter-skelter atmosphere here at the Workflow Institute, I have come down with laryngitis and must remain mute for the next couple of days.


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