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Corporate Phishing?? Maybe not...
Friday, November 19, 2004
Today I received an email from SAP saying that they were closing down their Community Member Rewards program. The letter explained, "Many of our members were discouraged from interacting due to the lack of helpful interactions they were seeing in our Executive Blogs and forums. As we strive to keep the SAP Community an important source of desirable information, the large amount of 'good blog' and 'I agree' comments diluted the value in our members' eyes. Therefore, to stop the trend we have made this decision."

Well, okay. I'm not a member of the SAP Community. I'm not a customer. Never have been. Then I noticed that the letter came from. Walldorf. Humbug! I've been there. One L, not two. It's Waldorf.

It's getting to the point that you can hardly trust anything you read these days.


Blogger Gunnar Bruckner said...

Dear Jay: sorry to say...but this is not necessarily a hoax. SAP is actually headquartered in Walldorf....they may have given you the American version of that name pretty much like Hannover in Lower Saxony in Germany often becomes Hanover when referred to abroad. In other words...the letter might still be real. Ciao...Be in touch...Gunnar

3:52 AM  
Blogger jay said...


Oh, no. I should have thought of that. Next month my wife and I will be visiting Braunschweig (Brunswick) before flying from Hannover (Hanover) back to San Francisko (San Francisco).

See you in Berlin!


11:05 AM  

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