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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'll be attending Online Educain Berlin in next week. This is a great conference, bringing together government, corporate, and education pros from all over Europe and, increasingly, all over the world. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Online Educa has grown larger than TechLearn.

Next year, perhaps I'll lead an American contingent to Berlin. Heaven only knows, we Americans are going to have to forge individual cross-border bonds if our government continues to tear up treaties and act unilaterally. Next week's agenda is so chock full of friends that returning to Online Educa feels more like a class reunion than a conference.

Berlin is festive this time of year.

I'm speaking at 11:45 on Thursday, December 2nd, on the topic of Collaboration and Informal Learning in a session on E-Learning Strategies in Companies and Public Sector Enterprises.

After the conference, Uta and I plan to drive to Dresden and then wind our way northwest to her hometown of Braunschweig. Travel tips are appreciated. The last time we crossed some of this territory, it was on a sealed train guarded by soldiers in jack boots.


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