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eLearning-zine aus Deutschland
Thursday, November 25, 2004

This morning I received a German eLearning ezine that looks quite interesting. Of course, I was drawn to this item:

Casual learning the whole week
Informal learning is considered to be more flexible

The Internet Time Group has examined the differences between informal and formal learning approaches. The informal approach wins the race, is their opinion. It offers just-in-time, rapid access to always up to date and pragmatic information that complies with the users needs. CHECKpoint eLearning had the opportunity to ask the expert Jay Cross some questions about the topic. more

I read through past issues of CHECKpoint eLearning, thinking to brush up on my very rusty (and never that good) command of German. My vocabulary is better than I remembered. Samples of eLearning-Deutsch:

Neue Killerapplikation oder nur quick and dirty?
edu.tainment ist ein multimediales Magazin fuer das computerbasierte Soft Skill-Training.

Eine Lernstufe kaufen - eine Lernstufe gratis erhalten
Herausgeber der Multimedia-Sprachkurse "Tell Me More" und "Talk To Me"

In sechs Wochen zum WBT-Autor
Time4you schult nach dem "Learning by Doing"-Konzept

eLearning im Supermarkt?
Die Oesterreichische Baumarkt-Gruppe bauMax testet in ihrer Filiale in Tulln das Konzept "Store as a Medium". Installiert wurden mehrere Plasma-Screens



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