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Friday, November 12, 2004
Emerald's On the Horizon has published part 2 of my history of eLearning.

On The Horizon - The Strategic Planning Resource for Education Professionals
Volume 12 Number 4 2004 Pages 151-157

The future of eLearning

Abstract: Corporate CEOs are finally telling the truth when they say "People are our most important assets". Intellectual capital has become the primary factor of production. To raise their "corporate IQ", managers treat workers as if they were customers of learning. This article explores why people learn much more about their jobs in the coffee room than in the classroom. It hypothesizes that equipping people intellectually to prosper will become a corporate discipline every bit as important as marketing or finance. Web services will mark the advent of workflow learning in real-time organizations.

Keywords:Information Media; Learning Styles; Workplace Training; Knowledge Management

When I have time for a breather, I may post a synopsis.


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