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Keynote Address on Workflow Learning
Thursday, November 25, 2004
Want to understand Workflow Learning and what all the fuss is about? Take twenty mintues to listen to my keynote presentation from the Workflow Learning Symposium. The Debut of Workflow Learning just went up online.

Ted Cocheu and his team at Altus Learning sync'd the slides with the video, so you can hop around (red arrow) if you get bored.

My talk leads into a presentation by Gloria Gery. When Gloria came up with the notion of electronic performance support systems, it was a radical way of thinking. We finally have the IT horsepower to implement what Gloria has been suggesting. Here's rough sketch of the antecedents of Workflow Learning.

Family Tree

An informal family tree for workflow learning.

If the notion of fusing work and learning rings your bells, please join us for the presentation and for other Workflow Symposium events now online.


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