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Service Innovations 3
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future

Andrea Saveri, Technology Horizons Program, IFTF

10 years into the future. They have been doing 10-year forecasts for 27 years now, making the Institute one of the few futures research firms to outlive its forecasts.

services, ART, and sciences. Key - era of the engaged customer. More demanding. And current customers are not happy campers.

Army War College now calls itself VUCA university. Virtual, Uncertain, Complexity, Ambiguity

Key transformation...

From provisioning goods and services to catalyzing experiences & transformation

Rethinking property rights required

Steady, explosive growth in services. Demographics, more choice, competition, internet, mobile & pervasive computing

Business services and institutional (health) services have tripled in the past 30 years but consumer services are mostly flat. Consumer complaints tripled 1995-2000.

Triangle. Services reflect comploex interdependence. Understand consumer content. Value intangible assets. Make complex knoweldge transfers. Mobilize diverse information, data, expertise.

Innovation: Platform oriented (cf. eBay & its trust mgt program). Social and transactional networks (Microsoft Netscan for cooperative problem solving). Cooperation based. New practices (world building games like Second Life).

Final line: Services Arts & Sciences.


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