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Service Innovations 4
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Brent Lowensohn, Kaiser

Building the Care Product Institute. Bottom line: Too many visits, too few providers. Great healthcare; sick people don't die; they get an additional chronic disease. Not enough doctors, not enough nurses. We spend $1 trillion on chronic disease alone. Change is slow. Self-service is the answer.

Care Product Institute's goal is to push healthcare services out of the expensive system and into the home.

Peter Gassner, Salesforce.com. Build or buy? No, subscribe. On-demand utility. Chief electricity officer was once a real position.

Traditional CRM 50% odds of success, 17 mnth breakeven, go live after 12 months

salesforce.com >90% success, 6 month breakeven, go live in 6 weeks

web servicess move IT up the value chain

less manufacturing of systems, more service up the value chain

We see what our customers are doing

Luke Hughes, Accenture. Service innovation through technology. ubiquitous internet (putting it out into the real world).

Sensor advances go with scientific revolutions (Galileo)l Where business is conducted.

Personal reality online. Pull out your medicine. RFID tells you if you grabbed the wrong one. Online playroom. Online wardrose. Personal awareness assistant. Virtual home services.

Marcello Hoffman, SRI Consulting - Business Intelligence. Making sense: from data to infromation, to knowledge, to insight; converting organzational knowledge into value as perceived by client; how to quantify the value of information for planning purposes; and how to differentiate in a clutter of intangible competitors.

Andy Hines, futurist & ideation leader, dow Chemical. True believes in Open Innovation from Henry Chesborough. New management comes on board. Dow as choreographer.

Ramu Sunkara, Oracle. everything is fastere and this is just the start. Increasingly virtual, mobile world. IP world. 800 million users of internet every day. 1.3 billon mobile telephones, all of which will become IP. 43 day process cut to 3 days thanks to internet technology. The 3rd generation enterprise will be 100% real time.

Gary DeGregorio, Motorola. Better definitions of services, getting closer to the customer. Motorola involved in services innovation for last ten years of its 70+ year history. Decisions, plans & scendarios, and requirements don't talk with one another. Consolidate them with Strategy Architecture Design. Baseline requirements, decision frameworks, planning forecasts. This is also a catalyst for collaboration. Motorola used the model with customers, asking "What can we and you do together that others cannot?"

Service Oriented Architecture: Important?

Yes, says Andy of salesforce.com; a third of his traffic goes through web services. Soon it will surpass. It is the fundamental way to create an ecosystem. Let's hope the standards stay simple and in place. Ramu: no question.


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