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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
I'm preparing a new talk for TechLearn in New York next week. (Catch me at 2:45 pm on Tuesday.) Naturally, I'm trying to complete a dozen other projects at the same time. That's why an email like this gets my goat:
    My apologies if my e-mail inconveniences you, i shall keep it short.

    I have applied for the position of an ICT Trainer within the organisation that I work for. As part of the interview I have to give a 15 minute presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of using e-learning in the work place.

    I have trawled so many sites and can find quite a few however, time is extremely short and I was wondering if you could state for me the main advantages and disadvantages of e-learning.


And my hasty reply:


    I have written thousands of pages on eLearning's pro's and con's. If you are too lazy to read enough to give a 15 minute presentation, you probably don't deserve the job.

I am usually generous, but I've had students ask me to write their term papers and consultants ask me to write white papers for free.

As the sign on the bar once said, "There is no free lunch."


Blogger Harold Jarche said...

Sounds like this person is both lazy & arrogant. I wouldn't have the nerve to ask this question. The irony is that there is so much on the Net available through a simple search that this question should not even be asked. Personally, I think that you gave him more of time than he deserved, but then maybe this was a "teachable moment".

3:28 PM  
Blogger Godfrey Parkin said...

Damn cheek! If he doesn't already know enough about the subject to have an opinion and put together a presentation, then he is not eligible for the position.

7:29 AM  

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