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Stan Davis & "Offers" in Blur
Thursday, November 18, 2004
This passage from Blur strikes me as relevant to the discussions here.

Forget products.
Forget services.

They're converging. Blur talks about "a meltdown of all traditional boundaries...

In the BLUR world, products and services are merging. Buyers sell and sellers buy. Neat value
chains are messy economic webs. Homes are offices. No longer is there a clear line between structure and process, owning and using, knowing and learning, real and virtual. Less and less separates employee and employer. In the world of capital, itself as much a liability as an asset--value moves so fast you can't tell stock from flow. On every front, opposites are blurring."

Davis calls product-service hybrids "offers." He writes that vendors
who sell unconnected, stand-alone products "will be viewed as no better than snake oil salesmen..." The "offer" seeks to create a lifelong relationship.

Davis presents these "Management Mindsets" for products, services, and the offer hybrids.

Source: Internet Time Archives


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