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Pot calls kettle black.
Monday, December 27, 2004

Blogs are the number one tech trend described in Fortune magazine.
According to blog search-engine and measurement firm Technorati, 23,000 new weblogs are created every day—or about one every three seconds. Each blog adds to an inescapable trend fueled by the Internet: the democratization of power and opinion.
So far, so good. The next paragraph is the spoiler:
Of course, it's difficult to take the phenomenon seriously when most blogs involve kids talking about their dates, people posting pictures of their cats, or lefties raging about the right (and vice versa). But whatever the topic, the discussion of business isn't usually too far behind: from bad experiences with a product to good customer service somewhere else. Suddenly everyone's a publisher and everyone's a critic.
Uh huh. Personally, I find it hard to take magazines seriously. Most of them involve girls trying to look sexy or boys ogling babes or lefties raging about the right (and vice versa). What are we to make of such upstanding publications as Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Soldier of Fortune, Guns & Ammo, Monster Muscle Magazine, Shape, Hustler, National Enquirer, Strictly Slots, Fangoria, Fate, Cosmogirl, Martha Stewart Weddings, Playgirl, True Love, Anon, Badazz Mofo, Drop Out, Savage, Flash, Skin Art, Easy Riders, Biker, Gauntlet, Taboo, Celebrity Skin, Bizarre, Barely Legal, and Busty? Why would anyone pay to advertise in any medium this frivolous?


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