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Logo of death?
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
From the first newsletter of the Workflow Institute:

The Workflow Institute's logo is derived from Katsushika Hosukai's wonderful woodblock print, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, one of the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, 1823-29. The great wave reflects our belief that Workflow Learning represents a sea change in the way people work, learn, and improve. The flood is coming. We help our customers build arks.

This morning I received this email from one of our members:
I realized that your logo now gives me the chills and negative associations since the killer Tsunami -- Will you consider changing it? While others may not take the time to contact you, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes an issue that impacts your business -- just noone bothers bringing it up.

Okay. I'm considering a change. But my gut reaction is that no change is required.

The tsunami is an immense human tragedy. It dominates the news. A fellow author emailed me yesterday, "Thursday at this time [now], I will be at the morgue in Galle, Sri Lanka. The reports I am reading would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. So much misery. So much loss. So much pain and suffering. " In times like these, watching a surfer in California can remind you of the tsunami.

Am I being insensitive? How do you feel? Let me know.


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