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M-living: introduce me to your connection
Friday, January 21, 2005
Next month I'll be traveling 50% of the time. In the next thirty days I'll visit Washington, New Orleans, Vegas, Amsterdam, and the Middle East. Lots of airports, little time, and a desire to check in with the net to keep grounded. Urgent emails? News from home? Meltdown where I'm headed? You may know the drill.

These gizmos cost $20 - $50 and alert you to wifi hotspots.

I wanted a quick way to find WiFi connections, but I know next to nothing about this stuff. I ended up on a site called Handtops that had this review of remote connection finders. Ten minutes ago I ordered a Kensington WiFi Finder Plus for $30.
The convenient, one-button WiFi Finder Plus quickly indicates signal strength for all 802.11b, 802.11b/g and active Bluetooth® enabled networks within range. Compact device attaches easily to laptop carrying case or key chain. Silver case with 6 LEDs and built-in flashlight. 1-year warranty and free technical support.

My WiFi key fob is for the airport or the coffee shop. Once in place, I will probably go online with AOL (I maintain a $6/month account just to be able to grab a cheap connection from nearly anywhere in the world) and then I plan to tap into:

WiFi Hotspot Locator or WiFi Maps.

In New York City a few months ago, when I lost my in-house net connection, I tapped into some guy's set-up across the street.

What's your experience with Wi-Fi locators? Any horror stories?


Blogger jay said...

Here's a bummer. I clipped the wifi gadget to my shoulder bag. I couldn't get a connection at my hotel in Vegas. I reached to click...and found the gadget had disappeared. Some things are too small to keep track of.

10:09 PM  

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