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Research on Informal Learning
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Informal learning is one of my major research themes for 2005.

I'm looking for pointers to stimulating people, interesting viewpoints, or success stories.

Contact Jay.


Blogger Bill Bruck said...

Jay -

At the knowledge advisors' annual meeting in 2004 (not this last one in 2005) the CLO from Catapult University gave an absolutely wonderful keynote. In it he included data from ROI studies he had done on - I'm not sure if they called them CoPs - but some type of online communities - at Catapult.

As he used to be the chief economist for Catapult, his talk had a certain ring of truth...

I'm blocking on his name right now but JEff Berk at Knowledge ADvisors could steer you...


Bill Bruck (Q2Learning)
Collaborative Learning Blog http:q2learning.blogs.com
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