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Parting shots from Abu Dhabi
Friday, February 25, 2005
Paul Mace demonstrates a modular wired
classroom at the Higher College of Technology.

A plaque on the wall shows alternative
furniture configurations. Everything is on wheels.

P7310005 P7310006
Entertainment break! Hungarian girls playing
electronic violins at the college.
I told the girl on the left her intensity reminded me
of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. She hadn't seen it.

This is the Marina Mall, seen from the private
beach at the Emirates Palace Hotel.
If you look at the original pic, you can just
make out the sign above the furniture seller: IKEA.

Coffee drinking is an important aspect
of traditional Emerati hospitality.
A coffeepot is featured on the country's coins.
Yet people aren't drinking much coffee
from these ornate pots any more.
Now they go to Starbucks.


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