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Friday, March 25, 2005
I just bought a really hip suite of software for manipulating words, sounds, and images for just over $500, and the vendor sweetened the deal by throwing in a full-fledged computer to run it.

Yes, I could resist no longer. About 15 minutes ago, I ordered a MiniMac from J and R Electronics. I couldn't resist any longer.

The Apple mystique is a powerful draw. Apple fanatics define themselves with their computers much as Harley riders think they're the meanest, toughest thing on two wheels. It's almost as bad as BMW M-series drivers. If Apple brought out a car, people would camp out at dealerships for weeks in advance to earn the right to buy one. And you know what? I bet it would be one sexy car.

I'm in the midst of a fertile creative period right now, writing several hours a day, tripping over new insights one after another, enjoying great conversations, and gaining a clearer picture of how the world works. So I saved $10 or $15 by selecting UPS Ground Shipping. I'm certain I'll enjoy the Mac, but I don't need an immediate fix.


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