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Defrag or die
Thursday, March 24, 2005
Here's a brief white paper from Rummler-Brache on the importance of managing critical business processes as an integrated whole.
Fragmentation is a killer. Business fragmentation occurs when critical processes aren't managed as an integrated whole. Processes in a highly fragmented organization resemble a labyrinthine system of poorly joined plumbing, with pipes that leak time, money and customer value. Your first step is to adopt a simple, disciplined approach to defining, integrating and managing processes.
I love the metaphor. Defrag your critical processes or performance will grind to a halt. Unfortunately, a study on the Rummler-Brache site finds:
Only one in three U.S. businesses practices comprehensive "end-to-end" comprehensive business process management. A lack of a consistent methodology plus a shortage of management commitment are the primary roadblocks. Another shortcoming is the absence of solid performance metrics to measure business results and help steer the management of change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent paper. I forwarded it to my team developing education on business processes. Thanks.

7:15 AM  

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