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Sunday, March 13, 2005
One of my favorite learning conferences, eLearning Producer, takes place next week in San Francisco. It's sold out, both main box office and expo floor. This conference is small enough that you get to know people, meant for do-ers rather than BS-ers, and has a repertoire cast of good speakers. eLearning Guild just celebrated its third birthday with....ta-da....16,000 members.

In the double-your-pleasure/double-your-fun category, I'll be leading two sessions Wednesday afternoon.
Right after lunch, Allison Rossett, Clark Quinn, David Holcolmbe and I will ponder what comes after eLearning. Following in the footsteps of mystery writer Sue Grafton ("A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, C is for Corpse..."), we've already named it. Obviously, after eLearning you get F-learning. Help us figure out what it is....

After a break, I lead a solo session entitled Meaningful Metrics for eLearning: Translating Learning Outcomes into Business Results. Last night I finished writing the next edition of my e-book on metrics and on Wednesday I plan to spill all its secrets. The book's not so much about measurement as about partnering with senior business managers. Others write about how to "earn a seat at the table." I focus more on how to get invited back. If you're looking for Accounting 101 -- this isn't it. Here's the table of contents.

After all, it's a weekend....

Last night I finished reading Mind Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Using Your Brain, published by O'Reilly. My advice: save your money. You already know most of this stuff.

Uta and I flicked out yesterday: went to see Sideways. Fun. Entertaining. Two guys drive north from San Diego for a week in the wine country. Uh-oh. Poor bastards got off just north of L.A. All this chit-chat about fine wines but they were still 400 miles south of the real wine country, which is of course, northern California, not southern.


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