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Johnny Appleseed
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Johnny Appleseed is an American folk hero who supposedly walked the frontier two hundred years ago, clearing the land and planting apple trees out of the goodness of his heart and an occasional commission. That's why apple trees cover the American landscape. I identify with Johnny.

I never do just one thing at a time. (It's a sickness.) There's always a primary activity and other things tacked on. At this stage in life, I have convinced myself that I am living my beliefs and modeling my behavior for my peers and followers. One of the reasons I gave up Moveable Type for Blogger was that MT at the time was for geeks. If you didn't enjoy workarounds and add-ons and weird scripting code, you weren't going to fall in love with Moveable Type. Also, the folks at Blogger (under Google now) and Adaptive Path (great design!) made Blogger drop-dead simple to understand.

Johnny Appleseed doesn't want to stick around to explain fertilizing, watering, pruning, or writing Perl scripts, so going to Blogger was a no-brainer. It's free, for heaven's sake. (The page you're reading now is hosted free on Blogger.) I've turned hundreds of people on to blogging, but the last thing I want to deal with is arcane coding issues.

[If Flickr comes back from its "massage," I have some lovely drawings of Johnny Appleseed from Jacque Pratt's second graders that I want to share with you. Uh-oh. Thirty minutes later, Flckr reports that it has uploaded my images, but they are nowhere to be found. Back to FTP.]

This is a windy introduction to the announcement that I'm going to retool the sites for Internet Time Group, Workflow Institute, Meta-Learning Lab, Emergent Learning Forum, and the Internet Time KnowledgeBase, and I'm going to try to streamline things using only simple, free tools. Apple seeds. If I make it, I'll be back to explain. In the meanwhile, if there's something you'd like to see here, a new feature perhaps, drop me a line.


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