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Training Conference TiVo
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Once upon a time I faithfully attended sessions at major conferences. Four, five, and more a day, until I could no longer hold my head up. No more. At Training 2005 in New Orleans, I went to a couple of sessions a day. This afternoon, a week later, I'm pawing through PowerPoint presentations and handouts here in the aerie of Internet Time Group among the redwoods in the Berkeley hills.

101 Best Practices in E-learning Design William Horton
William Horton Consulting
PDF - 325K
102 Human Performance Improvement: Research and Theory to Practice Harold Stolovitch
HSA Learning & Performance Solutions LLC
PDF - 335K
103 Using the Ordinary to Make Your Presentations and Training Extraordinary Sharon Bowman
Author, Trainer and Consultant
The Lake Tahoe Trainers Group
PDF - 682K
105 Up Close & Personal Tom Mucciolo
PDF - 162K
106 How E-learning Saved the Classroom Bob Mosher
Director, Microsoft Learning
PPT - 648K
107 Innovative Handouts and Visuals That Shout, 'Read Me!' Michele Deck
GAMES/Tool Thyme for Trainers
DOC - 112K

These are merely the top of the list of more than a hundred at the VNU conference site. Check 'em out over a glass of wine this evening.


Blogger Bill Bruck said...


Clicked on "Innovative Handouts and Visuals That Shout, 'Read Me!'"

Looking at the word doc she used for this online handout, I was thinking that a better title might have been, Innovative Handouts and Visuals That Shout, 'Shoot me!

Click on it and tell me what you think, Jay.


Bill Bruck (Q2Learning)
Collaborative Learning Blog http:q2learning.blogs.com
Join our CoP at http://cop.collabhost.com

3:59 AM  
Blogger jay said...

Good heavens. The enclosure is so awful I wonder if it's not a reverse-psychology joke.

4:02 PM  

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