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The Varieties of eLearning Experience
Monday, March 21, 2005

At the LearnFlex booth at eLearning Producer last week, CLO Gary Woodill showed me where he'd added workflow learning to his burgeoning list of eLearning modes. His presentation on Effective Management of Online Distributed Content lists and describes 40, count 'em - 40!, distinctive types of online learning.
1 Advising/Counseling Tools
2 Arts-based Experiential Tools
3 Automated Online Assessments
4 Blogging
5 Collaboration Tools
6 Communications Tools and Artifacts
7 Competency checklists and challenges
8 Complexity Modeling and Information Visualization
9 Computer Assisted Assessment CAA, Computer Based Assessment CBA
10 Data Mining Tools for Learning
11 Digital Galleries and Museums
12 Digital Libraries
13 Educational Portals
14 e-Learning Grids
15 e-Portfolios
16 Flash-based Educational Materials
17 Industrial Informatics
18 Integrated Electronic Problem-based Learning
19 Intelligent Search Engines with Dynamic Categorization

20 Interactive Instructional Programs
21 Learning Objects/Sharable Content Objects
22 Mobile Educational Content
23 “Modding” Modifying online games
24 Online Courses
25 Online Laboratories
26 Online Publishing
27 Parameterized Content and Quizzes
28 Peer-to-Peer Content
29 Playing Online Games/ Simulations/Scenarios
30 Podcasting
31 Rich Site Summary RSS
32 Semantic Web
33 Streaming Media – Audio and Video
34 Survey and Polling Results
35 Virtual Agents
36 Web Quests
37 Web Services
38 Webinars/Live Online Conferencing or Social Events
39 Wikis
40 Workflow Learning

Missing anything from your eLearning arsenal?


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