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Workflow at Warp Speed
Friday, March 18, 2005
On Demand, In the Soup, and On the Path to Glory
by Jay Cross

Forbes magazine (March 14, 2005) throws cold water on IBM's On Demand computing strategy and grid computing in general, quoting a hardware-hawking competitor that "The utility computing model is bull. Hardly anybody is buying that way."

Forbes reports that IBM CEO Sam Palmisano is now pushing "business process transformation," and continues...
In addition to that, there is a market called "business process outsourcing." Instead of simply running computers, IBM hopes to operate entire parts of a company's business, such as personnel or accounting. Last year at a meeting with Wall Street analysts, Palmisano touted this kind of outsourcing as a $500 billion market of which IBM dreamt of someday getting 10%.
Is IBM smoking something? We think not. Sam is merely ahead of his time.

DISCLOSURE: IBM is a client of Internet Time Group. However, this rant is based entirely on publically available sources. It represents my viewpoint and mine alone.



Blogger jay said...

From deep in the bowels of a major IT shop comes the suggestion that I've been reading too much propaganda. This guy's been trying to make CRM work for a decade, and finally his team is beginning to see results. The paradigm drag factor is more than "the installed base." It's the installed managers, who aren't into rapid change. Or, it sometimes seems, into any change at all.

6:36 PM  
Blogger jay said...

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6:48 PM  

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