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Monday, March 21, 2005
Yahoo is acquiring Flckr. Claims are that nothing will change in Flckr's open, free, approach. Uh huh. No ads? The check is in the mail. I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. I'll still respect you in the morning. Sob.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered Flickr last week and I feel my life has been chnged because of it and then this thing with Yahoo happens and gray cloud appears.

But Flickr is such a great idea it just might endure.

Here is what I wanted to share with you.

After your talk last in the Webinar, I met with my training team and customers (this is in IBM) and gave a presentation on "embedded learning." In your webinar The real dirt about eLearning, You discussed how we should think about getting users to post education content as they do in Wikipedia. Flickr is another kind of intellectual community that posts content but different. I think getting users to post content is really good idea.

What kind of content would we want them to post?

When we do a elearning business course, it is usually for a worldwide audience. Capturing the business rules and guidelines is an enormous challenge in IBM and I am sure in other large corporations as well. The different business unit, countries and geo specific content. No one SME can provide support. Ten maybe could support it. It is a difficult challenge. That is why wikis and flickr are so appealing. These might be the perfect vehicle for this kind of intellectual capital. If SMEs could post then collaborate/elaborate on content then we could move ahead faster. We would have a lot more SMEs too. (They just wouldn't be sanctioned SMEs!)

But in my company, people are enamored with the expert with a capitol "E". I think it could be a great tool, if we could get over that.

Like you, I love Flickr. You can check out my photos, I am rskoon on Flickr.

Best regards, Richard Skoonberg

10:52 AM  

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