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Sunday, April 10, 2005
Most blogs have dysfunctional DNA that causes them to throw out anything more than a month old, as if only this month's ideas have merit. I periodically scoop items of lasting value from the blogstream here and pour them into our KnowledgeBase. Doing this manually is painful, so I'm investigating using a Jotspot wiki to keep up with things.

Today I updated the KnowledgeBase list of articles with these.

Extreme Learning: Decision Games, Chief Learning Officer (2005). Until recently, extensive experience was the only way to become an expert. It took decades to develop and hone one’s craft—you couldn’t teach it in a classroom. That’s about to change.

Meta-Lessons from the Net, CLO (2005). Before the dot-com bubble burst, enthusiasts loudly proclaimed, “The Net changes everything.” They were right. It has. In fact, the Internet is such a powerful metaphor that it has shaped our expectations of response time, around-the-clock access, self-directed action, adaptive infrastructure and other aspects of learning.

R&B and Workflow Learning (2005). Before long I was flipping through Rummler and Brache's Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart. Intuition told me it was time to dig into this book.Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart. Intuition told me it was time to dig into this book.

Workflow Learning Gets Real, with Tony O'Driscoll, Training (2005). This same 80/20 rule applies to training. Ask workers where they learned how to do their jobs, and 80 percent of the time the answer is "at work." Most learning takes place on the job, outside the purview of formal learning. When we do conduct formal training, 80 percent of it is wasted effort: Workshops progress at the pace of the slowest participant, content is dated, the learner needs little of what's being delivered, the method of delivery is not tuned to the needs of the individual worker, motivation is absent, or timing is off. The half-life of newly learned material is three days; if learners don't use it immediately, they lose it.

A Brief History of the Term eLearning and A Lesson for Portugal, Nov@ Formação (2005). People tell me I coined the term eLearning when I started writing about it on the web in 1998. In the spring of '99, nine of the top ten links on Alta Vista for e-Learning connected to Internet Time Group.

What is Workflow Learning? (2005). Let's look at that in the context of:
* Performance-Centered Design
* Exponential Acceleration
* Living Information Systems
* Dense Interconnections

The Roots of Workflow Learning (2005). I doubt this cast of characters had ever appeared beneath the same roof before. SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Saba, Docent, Click2Learn, Plateau, Knowledge Products, Siebel, Sun, Thinq, vCampus, and Global Knowledge (now OnDemand) all sat at the same table.

You may quote or reproduce any of these so long as you do not charge a fee and you give credit to Jay Cross and a link to Internet Time Group.


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