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Dear Meetup Community,
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
"We have some news to share that we don't think you're going to like. There's no point in dancing around it so here it is. Starting May 1st, every Meetup Group will have to pay a monthly fee. Read on for the details."


"Again, we know this may not be welcome news. Do know that we've spent countless hours exploring every possible option to avoid this. And we understand if you decide to leave. But when you consider sharing the cost among your members… when you compare us to other online offerings… when you think about how much you've enjoyed your Meetups so far… we think you'll realize that your Meetup Group is worth the price. If you agree, scroll down for the next step."

Well, it's only $9/group/month but still, I hate to see the freebies disappear.


Anonymous Meir Navon said...

Hi Jay,
Sorry for the ignorance, but what's the meetgroup and why is it relevant to us?

12:11 AM  
Blogger jay said...

Meetup is a community-building service that helps set up and announce meetings. For example, through Meetup, when I was in Australia, I joined a group of Aussie bloggers at a pub for their monthly get-together. Meetup's biggest claim to fame was during the Howard Dean presidential campaign. Rallies and fan clubs sprung up almost overnight to support a candidate few people had heard of. Here in Berkeley, as many as four groups were meeting in local restaurants simultaneously. I had planned to use Meetup to announce worldwide Emergent Learning Forum sessions but that fell apart with our social networking software provider pulled out.

8:37 PM  

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