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Don't trust your senses
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
A fantastic optical illusion site. It goes beyond the ordinary -- and offers scientific explanations of what's going on. This is akin to a magician revealing her secrets.

I found this while exploring what's popular on del.ico.us. Watch out. Follow in my footsteps, and time will disappear into a black hole. This beats checking the link lists and recommendations of pals and pundits.

Del.ico.us? It's social bookmarking.

Say what? It's user-driven, free-form metatagging.

So? Top-down metatags are a pain to create and generally reflect someone else's reality. The new bottom-up tags are so natural that tens of thousands of people are metatagging URLs, photos, and more for personal pleasure. What's more, they are using the tags for ingenious purposes. It's another example of the meme of individuals doing a better job than institutions.


Blogger Alex said...

Excellent find!

6:39 PM  

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