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eLearning Forum Presentation
Saturday, April 09, 2005
This Tuesday at 4:30 pm, I'll be opening the monthly meeting of eLearning Forum in Menlo Park with a presentation entitled What Is Workflow Learning?

Eilif has asked me not to go more than twenty minutes, so I've boiled this down to 16 minutes. You can get a preview here via Breeze (cut on your speakers).

Here's how I prep a new presentation these days. After thinking through what the audience probably wants, I choose a few major themes to explore. Whatever has been on my mind for that week is a heavy influence, so I don't kid myself that this is all for them. Presenting helps me think things through and challenges me to make them explicit. Next I rough out a PowerPoint, scavenging slides from previous talks and making new ones when I need them. Thank heavens for Google Images; five years ago I had a large clipart collection that required continual updating.

The next day I go back through the PowerPoint, smoothing transitions and improving the graphics. When it holds together, I do a dry run. Then I record a practice into Macromedia Breeze and force myself to listen to it. This gives me the timing per slide for streamlining.

In this case, I'm presenting to a small group and don't have much time. My recording was interrupted by phone calls and barking dogs, and I even neglected to narrate one slide. It's rough but meets my standards. Take a look. If you have any problems (or suggestions), please let me know.

I'll summarize the presentation in the next post.


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