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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Earlier this week I had lunch with Duane Degler and Lisa Battle. Over tapas we talked of shifting workforce demographics, preparing for the semantic web, smart-search, and the implications of pervasive computing. Duane will be on the futures panel at the Innovations in eLearning Symposium in early June.

Luigi Canali de Rossi AKA Robin Good dropped by yesterday. He's in from Roma shooting a "long tail" movie: esoteric but perhaps just what some audience is looking for. Tomorrow morning he's giving a press briefing on a new framework for distributing films at San Francisco's CityClub; drop by.

robin Robin is Mr. Collaboration. Check out Kolabora. Lose yourself in the content and news at Master NewMedia.

Damn. This always happens. I got wrapped up reading Robin's reviews and checking out various free services, stopped watching the clock, and blew off 45 minutes I did not have to spare.
Great links, courtesy of Robin:
wonderful free photo site
populicious -- skimming the cream off del.icio.us


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