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The Donald U
Monday, May 30, 2005

The Press Release:

______ Embargoed For Release: May 23, 2005

May 23, 2005, New York, N.Y. – Real estate mogul and TV star Donald Trump announced today the establishment of a new business education company focused on providing lifelong learning programs for business professionals.

From the FAQ:
What is Trump University?

Trump University is an online education company that delivers world-class business curriculum to a broad range of customers, including small business owners, professionals, and employees of business organizations. Trump University offers a practical curriculum whose guiding principle is learning by doing, and blends the best elements of a traditional business education with the most critical real-world training. In addition to its innovative curriculum, Trump University is distinguished by the interactive learning experiences it provides through innovative content delivery.

Trump University was founded on the principle that the key to success in today’s business environment is knowledge. However you define success—whether it’s advancing in your career, starting a profitable business, or creating wealth through investment—the need to take charge of one’s own education has never been more critical. Trump University offers courses and programs in a wide range of subjects—marketing, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more—that will help you meet your goals.

The faculty of Trump University includes experts from some of the world’s top educational institutions, such as Columbia University and Dartmouth College. Our faculty also includes senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and leaders from the entrepreneurial world. And of course, we have distilled and incorporated the insights, experience, and practical know-how of Donald Trump himself.

Can I earn college credits or a degree by taking courses from Trump University?
Trump University does not offer credits or degrees.

Why might I consider e-learning?

E-learning will enable you to enhance your skills even if you can’t travel to an offsite training facility or if you have a hectic work schedule. It also provides an economical way to grow professionally—to practice lifelong learning—since e-learning is usually less expensive than off-site training, including travel costs.

Roger Schank, professor emeritus and founder of the Institute for Learning Sciences at Northwestern University and one of the world’s top researchers of artificial intelligence, learning theory and cognitive science, has been appointed Chief Learning Officer. As CLO, Schank will oversee the design and implementation of the e-learning curriculum. Schank, who has also taught at Yale University among other top institutions and is author of some 25 books, is a pioneer and innovator in applying the Learning by Doing philosophy to online education. “People know that they learn by doing precisely because they know that they can learn nothing of value without constant practice” said Schank.

Gawker's take on this: Trump University To Cultivate Failed Casino Proprietors. The Smoking Gun reports the tragic news that vainglorious gazillionaire Donald Trump is invading the confines of our once-safe internet. Not content to have the University of Phoenix Online outdo him, Trump is planning Trump University, an online business school. Fabulous! Maybe students can major in the art of reality overpromotion with a minor in tycoon comb-overs?


The Donald came out of bankrupcy only last week.


Blogger Peter Isackson said...

Is Schank out to prove Trump's thesis that everyone -- no matter how independent and irreverent -- has a price? Or is he just curious to find out what it feels like being told "you're fired" by the man who tried to take out a copyright on the expression?


11:45 PM  
Blogger jay said...


Next time I talk with Roger, I'll ask him.


11:23 PM  

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