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Eulogy for Learning Objects
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

from EdTechPost:

Over on on the Flosse Posse weblog, Teemu Leinonen has posted a bit of a rant on the term "learning object." I'm glad someone stepped up and said it. I agree, let's kill off the word "learning object" and while we are at it, let's throw "learning object repository" on the funeral pyre too. Both of these terms have led us thoroughly astray. "Learning Object" for their implication of some magical plug-and-play learnability that we're discovering is mostly folly, and "learning object repositories" for the mistaken emphasis of the word "repository" on the container at the sake of the users and re-users and re-use, ultimately what I thought the motivation behind the whole idea was.

A wise comment on this:

The problem here is the idea that any learning can take place outside its context. Given that context is so important then we need to track and record that data as part of information about those learning materials


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