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Flow Learning is...
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Nothing like a new environment to bring out new ways of thinking. This morning I began doodling aspects of different ways of conceptualizing learning.

Starting assumptions:
  • Logic applies in only a narrow band in the spectrum of human experience. Otherwise, complexity kicks in.
  • People are not machines, nor are organizations. Ditch industrial-age thinking.
  • No person acts alone. One's performance is augmented through connections with tools, culture, and other people.
  • Everything – information, stories, experience – flows.

This is an augmented learner. She may have computer access, a smart phone, or a Blackberry.


Maybe learning should look more like this:


Of course, this model is ever-changing to fit with shifting requirements. More appropriate for Flow Leanring is a model that works over time:


On the input side, Opportunity is a function of:
    Number of connections
    Quality of pointers
    Ease of deciphering content
    Relevance of content
    Quality of signal
    Proximity of sender
    Timeliness of alerts
    Reliability of signal
    Push or pull
    Incoming bandwidth
In the learner's head, Processing is a function of:
    Motivation & relevance
    Pattern recognition
    Pattern creation
    I/O transaction processing
Streaming out is Performance, a function of:
    Signal strength
    Ability to write, speak, draw
    Adept at reading audience feeling and needs


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