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From Process to Practice
Saturday, May 07, 2005
Great quotse in John Hagel's Edge Perspectives blog about enterprise software. Think "LMS" when you read this.

[Quoting Ken Norton] "My epiphany was recognizing that I don't hate products that are used in a corporate setting. I just hate products that aren't built for users. The vast majority of enterprise products are built for the people who are going to purchase, administer, configure, deploy, and provision them. And these products are often despised by the people who ultimately do try to use them (duh). No wonder a large percentage of enterprise software efforts go up in smoke. The enterprise software market is broken for this reason."

The primary driver behind enterprise software was efficiency and automation, removing people from business processes wherever possible and imposing standard procedures on people wherever they remained. Business processes were the primary focus of business performance and companies generated considerable cost savings from this focus. JSB and I have a strong sense that the focus on business performance is shifting from process to practice. The real frontier for business performance going forward is on helping people to connect with each other and to build their capabilities more rapidly by engaging together on challenging problems and opportunities.


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