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Natural New Brunswick
Friday, May 13, 2005
Uta and I arrived in New Brunswick last night and drove along the Saint John River from Fredericton to Saint John this afternoon. Atlantic Canada is a breath of fresh air. Lots of family farms, many people flying the flag, very friendly and talkative locals. I ate haddock, oysters, lobster, and clams today; Uta, a vegetarian, had a tougher go of it.

PA190012Last week the river jumped its banks. You could paddle a canoe through downtown Fredericton. Water still stands on many a pasture. The dam above the nuclear power plant was opened. The resulting high water wiped out Saint John's major tourist attraction: the reverse tides of the Bay of Fundy. The surging wall of water won't be more than a ripple for the next few weeks.

Speeding along a wooded country road, we jammed on the brakes to let a black bear lumber across the road. I said I hoped we'd see another...and perhaps a moose. The moose appeared on cue.

PA190009 PA190011

The marketing department of Moosehead Ale is protesting a proposal that Canada's tourist agency switch from a theme of "moose, mounties, and mountains" to "Canada: Keep Exloring." The Moosehead people are right. "Keep Exploring" is what I do when I can't find what I want. Canada is nature. They've got a leaf in the middle of their flag.

PA200028 PA200016


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