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Recording of the CSTD Panel on the Future of Learning
Saturday, May 28, 2005
PA230008Stephen Downes's mp3 of our panel session on the future of learning at CSTD in New Brunswick two weeks ago.

Via weiterbildungsblog.de:
Unterhaltsam und informativ! Von der Eingangsfrage der Moderatorin: "Stephen, what is the future of LMS'?" (Seine Antwort: "Limited") bis zum Statement von, ich glaube, Jay Cross: "Curriculum for kids, discovery for adults". Weitere Stichworte waren weblogs, informal learning und personal learning environments. Gut gelaunte und mitteilsame Experten. Eine Stunde MP3.
Stephen Downes, Jay Cross, Rob Pearson und Lisa Neal, Stephen's Web, 17 Mai 2005

Update: CSTD has posted a video of our panel session. It's an hour long, but you can jump over the dull spots with the slider on your media player. BTW, the link from CSTD's site to this appears to be broken.


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