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To market, to market
Saturday, May 14, 2005
We began our day at the Saturday morning farmer's market. This is an echo of an ancient tradition. Once a week, the feudal lord would open the gates to the fortress. Farmers would set up shop for the day. Pictured here is one of Fredericton's two adjacent market halls.

PA200008 PA200001
A mouse pretzel, a flock of mouse pretzels.

PA200004 PA200002
Maple syrup, maple creme, maple sugar. maple candy; salmon.

The market serves an important economic function, enabling farmers to sell their eggs, butter, milk, beef, lamb, chickens, smoked fish, Canadian bacon, cured sausage, cheese, bread, pastry, and mouse pretzels. I doubt that selling food is what has preserved places like this.

Just as in medieval days when the farmers were accompanied by minstrels, jersters, magicians, and storytellers, the marketplace is a social activity. It's a place to see and be seen., to hear the gossip and spread some of your own. People are here to schmooze. Informal learning and food make a great combination.

PA200006 PA200005

This is Lord Beaverbrook, benefactor of Fredericton. He gave the city its art museum and many other civic attractions. The museum is topped by four white horses. You won't confuse these equines with those atop the Brandenburg Gate or overlooking the Piazza del Duomo in Venice: these guys are airbags!

PA200010 PA200012

Here is an authentic redcoat. That reminds me. After the American Revolution, the Loyalists (AKA losers) fled to Canada in great numbers. This was the first great wave of people to arrive in Atlantic Canada.

Fresh PEI mussles. Yum.


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