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Instructional Design Knowledge Base
Monday, June 13, 2005
When I was at George Mason University last week for the Innovations in eLearning Symposium, I dropped in on a session being conducted by Nada Dabbagh, an associate professor of Instructional Design and Technology there. She was demonstrating an online Knowledge Base of instructional models. The structure is:
Basic Principles → Embedded Theories → Principle Theorists → Goals of Instruction → Instructional Models → Implications for Instructional Design
That's a whale of a lot of information for a web page! But this is only the theory aspect, one of seven steps outlined in the Knowledge Base.

Perform a Task Analysis

Isn't this a nifty memory-jogger for instructional design?

Reference: Dabbagh, N. (2005). The Instructional Design Knowledge Base. Retrieved 6/13/05 from Nada Dabbagh's Homepage, George Mason University, Instructional Technology Program. Website.

Conduct Evaluation of Instructional Program

Objectivism Cognitivism/Pragmatism Constructivism/Interpretivism


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