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Life on the Streets
Thursday, June 30, 2005
This afternoon my daily walk in the neighbor took me down Woodmont Avenue, one of the most beautiful streets in Berkeley. I was listening to a podcast of Jerry Michalski's Yi-Tan Conversation about tagging that I'd missed due to a conflict last Monday. A motorcycle comes by, stops, and turns around. The rider is...Jerry Michalski!

Two blocks later, a car pulls alongside me. The driver is Jacque, who was chair of the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association when I served on the Board. She's into walking. Told me she recognized my gait. She asked what I was doing these days. I said I was writing a book on informal learning. Quizzical look. I told her I'd learned a lot more about Berkeley on Saturday morning walks with the Path Wanderers than from any other source. That's informal learning.


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